The San Diego Officials Association understands the importance of your
game, and makes every effort to provide the best umpires possible on the
field. We are focused on providing training and mentoring to association
members only to achieve our goal of providing San Diego's
best umpires. We
strive to maintain the highest standard of sports officials and encourage the
spirit of fair play, and sportsmanship.
S.D.O.A. is proud to have worked the best softball umpires for:

  • Fast pitch youth and adult recreational leagues
Fast pitch junior olympic teams, individual games, friendlies, and tournaments
  • National teams
  • High School games
  • Junior College and college NCAA & NAIA
  • Slow pitch umpires for recreation leagues to championship tournaments

SDOA umpires have worked in Junior Olympic "A" tournaments, from Southern
California Qualifiers through the National Championships,
"B" and "C" Recreational League Qualifiers Tournaments, and
CIF Championship Games.
We are honored to umpire any of your games throughout San Diego County!
San Diego Officials
"It ain't nothin' until I call it"  Bill Klem, Hall of Fame Umpire
The San Diego Officials Association (S.D.O.A.) was established
April 7, 1983 and is still proudly serving San Diego County.
All of
S.D.O.A umpires are insured, ASA registered, and the
majority are ASA certified.
Many of our umpires have attended
the ASA Fast Pitch School, The National School, and other
advanced, esteemed schools.
"More people fail for lack of encouragement, than for any other reason."
R.B. Graham
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"Whatever your field of endeavor, mentoring is an important part of what you do."
                                             " Zig Ziglar"
"The journey is more important than the end or the start"
Linkin Park
Great leadership is not about making the decision on your own, but owning the decision after
it is made.
"Andy Stanley"
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